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Year 5/6 (Upper KS2) Curriculum Overview

The final phase of North Wootton Academy is Year 5/6. In many ways, we view this as the start of our pupil's transition to high school. The expectations do change again and the teaching staff will ask parents to attend a parent awareness session for us to explain what the learning will look like as we try to further develop the children as independent learners.

Most will have now experienced many years of our curriculum and therefore have secured many of the basic skills needed to be a successful learner within the school. Within Reading, Writing and Mathematics in particular, it is now about developing the maturity of these skills and helping them to make informed choices about which they use, when, for the maximum effect.

In addition, they have worked through much of the wider curriculum and therefore, bring a huge amount of prior knowledge into their lessons upon which the 5/6 teaching staff can build. For example, they would have already studied 'rebellion' in terms of Boudicca or The Glorious Revolution, and therefore are ready to now connect these ideas to things like the American and French Revolution.