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Welcome to the North Wootton Academy

As both the Principal and a parent of North Wootton Academy, I am very proud to introduce you to our school.

We are an incredible community of 326 children and 40 staff who work in partnership with our families to develop our pupils into outstanding individuals and hopefully, the future 'leaders of Lynn.'

At the heart of the school is a core set of values under the umbrella of TEAMWORK with which we aim to guide our pupils not only towards being the best that they can be, but also to enable them to contribute towards the success of us all, our school and our community.

Turning up ready to learn is a key element of this and we do believe that all of our children are here to enjoy success in their learning. However, academics will only enable a certain level of success in life and therefore, we place equal focus on personal development linked again to the values of TEAMWORK and an understanding that we are all here to contribute in some way.  

Genuinely, I believe North Wootton Academy provides the very best education possible for the children we care for and I feel very fortunate to have my own children attend the school. I am immensely proud of who we are and what we are trying to achieve.

I hope this website provides some additional detail regarding our provision and whether this maybe the place for your child too.  However, our pupils are those who illustrate best what we do each day and therefore I would encourage you to arrange a visit with myself and gain a real insight into the school.

Mr J Grimsby