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What is Operation Encompass?

Operation Encompass is an initiative that improves communication between the police and schools where a child is at risk from domestic abuse. The purpose of the information sharing is to ensure schools have more information to support safeguarding of children. By knowing that the child has had this experience, the school is in a better position to understand and be supportive of the child's needs and possible behaviours.

Q. What is Operation Encompass?

A. This is a process used to inform schools when the police have attended an incident of domestic violence or abuse, where domestic abuse incidents have occurred in the homes of their pupils since the previous school day.

Q. How does it work?

A. Police will share information with First Response who will contact the school via secure email the next day. This will communicate a brief overview of the event for the Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) which is then used to decide what follow-up may be needed. In most cases, this will be a pastoral conversation to check on the child's emotional well-being.

Q. Will parents be aware of this new process?

A. The school informs parents about this role through its safeguarding policy, this website and through newsletters.