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EYFS Maths Party

EYFS Maths Party - Friday, 1st April 2022

Since starting school in September, Acorns and Conkers have been counting the days we’ve been here (give or take a few we’ve missed).

We have learnt to represent this in the pictorial form of tens frames. We use these in many of our Maths activities as they easily show a group of ten and any extra ones. The children have noticed that as we fill a group of ten we must then move on to another set.

Today, we have celebrated reaching 100 days, our first 3 digit day! We have had a party which included popping 10 balloons each filled with an amount of beads. We were able to count how many there were by using our tens frames. The children also made their own 100 bead string, which they will bring home later. It was a lot of fun, not to mention there were 1000’s of beads everywhere!!

We also tucked into our chocolate Easter Nest which we made yesterday afternoon. This was a great yummy treat for a party!