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Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs Day

Year 5/6 Rocks, Fossils and Dinosaurs Day - Wednesday 10th November

During the Autumn term, the Year 5/6 children have been learning about Geology and Evolution. To embed this learning, ‘Portals of the past’ come into school today to carry out a workshop. They brought large exhibits, informative displays and scale models with them. 

Throughout the day the children took part in multiple activities:

  • Group investigations of the world in various stages of evolution,
  • The earths formation
  • Time line of bacteria to walking fish to humans
  • What is a rock and what are they made of
  • The life and times of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor and Triceratops
  • Treasures
  • What are fossils and how are they made
  • Equipment used to excavate fossils
  • Hands on examination of fossil specimens

The children dressed up to make the day even more enjoyable.